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Known Issues

Sometimes, stuff just breaks.


Hello there!

This page is kept up-to-date with all the stuff that I'm aware of is not working correctly in the app.

If it's not mentioned here, please let me know via the Discord what's bugging you!

Known Issues

Mouse disappears in Main Menu

If you use RAW input in-game, the following can occur:

In rare instances at the end of a match, when returning to the Main Menu, your mouse cursor is hidden.

A quick Alt-Tab out (and back into) the game will fix it.

Unfortunately, this is an issue on Overwolf’s side of the fence, not my own. I have made them aware of this issue, and they are working on a fix.

A temporary workaround is to disable Raw Input.

No Recent Operator History

The Operator History stopped working a few weeks ago.

Ubisoft did this on their end in preparation for the new data API which launched with their new "My Siege Stats" website portal on the 20th of October.

Unfortunately, I don't have access to their new API (yet), so in the meantime Operator History is no longer tracking more recent data. I'm in talks to regain access to the Ubisoft data.

One-sided Operator tracking in Spectator-mode

Currently when in Spectator-mode, the Operator-use is only tracked for one of the two teams. Usually the Orange team.

This is a technical limitation which will hopefully be resolved if/when Overwolf supports Custom Match/Spectator-mode officially.

Sixth-Pick tracking doesn't work in the first round

In the first round, sixth-pick tracking can be erroneously assigned to the wrong player/Operator.

This is caused by a mismatch in "timing". Basically, if the Operator Banning phase goes quicker than expected (all 5 teammates vote on same Operator in quick succession) the app is unsure exactly when the Sixth-Pick phase begins.

Unfortunately, until Overwolf allows for more granular phase detection (e.g. "Operator Ban Phase", "Operator Selection Phase", "Opeator Reveal Phase", "Operator Sixth Pick Phase"), this is impossible to solve reliably.

Wrong Plant Detection

In very rare instances, the app tracks a defuser plant when this is not the case.

From testing, this occurs when an attacking player "locates" both bombs within 25ms of eachother (either by walking into site, or by droning into site) during the Action Phase.

I'm looking into ways to counteract this rare issue.

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