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A development update.


And just like that, another 80 days have passed since my previous Development Roadmap update on December 5th. Time flies when you don’t leave your house and every day flows into the next. Dates, months and seasons lose all meaning…

Anyway! Lots of great stuff happened for R6 Analyst in these 80 days. 🎉

I’ve been releasing a new update every week for the past 9 weeks, and I’m really hoping to keep up that streak for the foreseeable future! My other job is allowing me to invest a fair amount of time into the app, so I can be a bit more ambitious with my timeline for what I want to implement.

The new Year 6 reveal panel has definitely invigorated my sense of excitement for Siege as well; Great new updates coming to the game!

As always, I tend to write way too much, so here’s a quick guide to skip to the parts you’re interested in:

Table of Contents

  • Read Finished if you want a quick overview of what I promised last time and actually delivered on.
  • Read Did Not Finish if you want to shame me for the things I didn’t get around to yet but did mention I would work on.
  • Read What Else is Next if you want to read spoilers for some of the things I’m planning on working on in the next 3 months.
  • Skip to All-in-All if you’re too lazy to read.

🏁 Finished

Let’s first quickly run through everything that I said I’d do and actually completed in the past 80 days.

Known Issues ✅

There were four open issues last time I wrote this. Two of those have been solved now!

The Operator Use Statistics weren’t updating, but Ubisoft fixed that.

There were some issues with the mouse-cursor disappearing in the main menu when you used “Raw Input”, but Ubisoft (or Overwolf?) fixed this with an update on their side.

Remaining are the Sixth-Pick tracking (for which I can’t do anything right now) and the Plant detection (more on that below).

CSV Export Improvements ✅

Released just last week (February 20th), the CSV Export Rework completely revamped the export feature with a much improved format, and a bunch of new statistics only available in the CSV export.

I received a lot of feedback from T1 and T2 analysts, which I highly appreciate! Please if you have any ideas, feedback, or requests for the CSV, hit me up on the Discord server!

An R6 Comp Workshop ☑️

In the end nothing really came of this. The steady drip of feedback and input I received via Discord was enough on its own. I’m taking this off the agenda for now.

More than 10 Matches Stored Locally ✅

This was implemented on the 26th of December. There is now infinite storing of match history for Ranked/Unranked/etc. Custom Matches are still only stored locally (for scrim privacy reasons) and limited to 10.

Automatic Map Tracking ✅

Implemented on January 22nd! Huge thanks to Overwolf for coming through with this. It is not (yet) working for Custom matches, but that’s really low on the agenda.

Second-Screen Rework ✅

A first stab at this was implemented on January 22nd as well. All the broken stuff was fixed, and all the Enhanced Scoreboard stats were added to it. There’s a lot of potential here still, but as it’s not a much-used feature, I can’t really prioritise it over other things as much.

Smart Ban Rework ✅

This was also added on January 22nd, and was very well received! The new styling and additional stats really seemed to be liked by everyone, which is great! By combining the “widget” and “panel” windows into a single resizable screen, the ad revenue also went up significantly, which is great for me because the server costs to run this entire project are becoming mountainous.

Data Redundancy / Reduced Downtime ✅

I’ve put a lot of work into minimizing the issues with data connection loss, which riddled the app during Operation Shadow Legacy. A lot of work behind the scenes over the past 80 days. Most significant user-facing changes occurred with the 2.0.0 update on January 22nd.

I’m still working with R6Tab and now also StatsDB, as well as Ubisoft API itself. I’ve also implemented significant caching capabilities as a tertiary backup.

Since the start of 2021 we’ve had less than 5 hours of downtime in total. And most of that was planned server maintenance. 🎉

More detailed Operator Stats ✅

For most players you’ll encounter I now also have KOST/SRV/etc. detailed stats per Operator. Hover over their Favourite Operators icons (or the R6 Smart Ban stats) to view these. Again, this came with the update on January 22nd!

Discord Game Activity ✅

This was one of the surprise features I was working on implementing! It’s been extremely well received since its launch on January 27th. You guys really seem to appreciate a working Discord extension (rather than the base game one), and it’s also helped promote the app a little bit!

Headshot Tracking ✅

Another oft-requested feature! This one was impossible to implement for a long time due to technical limitations. However, Overwolf came through for me and here it is! 😃 This was implemented on February 12th.

New Operator Stats dashboard page ✅

A new dashboard page was launched on February 16th. This is the first of a fair number of these additions that I’m planning to work on in the very near future.

❌ Did Not Finish

Automatic Objective Site / Spawn Tracking

This is still a long way off, which is what I wrote last time as well. Sorry!

This depends on input from Overwolf and is on pause until then.

Bug-reporting tool

I said this was a high-priority short-term project back in early December. And yet I haven’t done anything for it yet. Honestly, it’s just really boring to work on, and I’d rather add new features to the app!

The number of bug reports has decreased significantly lately, so I don’t think this is as much needed anymore as it felt like back in November, when we had significant issues.

It’s still on the roadmap though! Just a bit more distant. 🙂

This is a low-priority long-term project.

Operator-stats fix and improvements

With Ubisoft fixing their API, and my adding the KOST/SRV/etc. stats, this wasn’t really needed anymore. However, there are still some things I can do behind the scenes to improve on Operator tracking. Especially the “which Operators did this player use recently” could use some work, as the Ubisoft API has some strange quirks from time to time.

This is a low-priority long-term project.

Improved first-time user experience

Same as last time: The downside of having iterative improvements to the app, is that any tutorials or first-time user experiences I write/make are quickly out-of-date again. 🤦‍ It’s time for another update on this front, and I hope to include a bit more “tooltips” and “hints” spread out throughout the app to help guide newer users to all the app has to offer!

I’m moving this up to be ASAP now.

This is now a high-priority short-term project.

Map Stats Editor and Second Monitor Rework

Most of the app’s windows now have a new and improved styling. But some are still “stuck” in the old ways. That’s not a great user experience of course, so I’m planning to update everything to look and feel the same.

As this doesn’t add any new features, it’s not very exciting to work on. But still would be nice to get done.

This is a medium-priority medium-term project.

Stitching Rehosted Custom Matches

Same as last time: This has been an oft-requested feature, and I agree it should be something the app can recognize and do automatically.

I’ve done the preliminary research, and am confident this should be possible, albeit complicated.

This is a low-priority medium-term project.

⏭️ What Else is Next?

So… Do I have anything new to share? Of course! I have a long list of potential features, updates, and improvements, in varying states of readiness. I want some of them to be a surprise, but here’s a couple I’m willing to share:

Defuser Plant Detection

In very rare cases, the defuser is detected as planted when this is not the case. This is a known issue, and one that Overwolf has just provided a potential new technical fix for. I’m testing that this week and hope to implement the fix ASAP.

This is a high-priority short-term project.

Drone Economy Tracking

This is the dream-stat that I’m still looking for. It requires input from Overwolf, and I’m going to try my utmost to have them working on that ASAP. The general idea is to get info on how well you keep your drones alive in the prep phase, how often you die with a drone in the pocket, and how much/at what times in the round you throw out a new drone.

This depends on input from Overwolf and is a long way off.

Local Custom Match History expansion

I want to expand the local storing to at least 20 matches. I’m researching the technical limitations of this and will implement if possible.

This is a medium-priority short-term project.

Operator Stats Dashboard Page Improvements

Adding more stats to the new Operator Stats page, including stats per map. I have some cool idea for this, and we’ll see how far I can take this!

This is a medium-priority short-term project.

Operator Comparison Dashboard Page Rework

Complete redesign/rewrite of the two “old” Operator dashboard pages, as they are now quite outdated and missing very important statistics. I’m still brainstorming exactly what this will entail, but there is a lot of potential here.

This is a medium-priority medium-term project.

Team Dashboard Page

Another new dashboard page where you can add up to four other player names and the app will go through the match history to find matches where all of you played together. It will then plot the performances of those matches and per player, showing how well you perform together as a team, and what each of you bring to the table.

The idea is to be able to see how you’re improving as a team over time. E.g. the number of refrags going up since you started working on that together a month ago. Stuff like that!

This is a medium-priority short-term project.

Account Statistics Dashboard Page Improvements

This dashboard page too has a lot of unrealized potential that I’m looking to, well, realize. So many ideas, so little time!

This is a medium-priority medium-term project.

Streamer Mode – Local Implementation

I will make sure that before the new local streamer mode launches with Operator Crimson Heist, my app has an option to turn on Local Streamer Mode as well. This will make all the names in the app appear as their respective Operator names instead (or Player 1, Player 2, etc. if no Operator is chosen yet).

This is a high-priority short-term project.

Streamer Mode – Networked Implementation

Ubisoft have announced that they are working on a networked implementation of Streamer Mode. This is still in the distant future, so I won’t speculate on what this means for Overwolf apps. However, I vow to ensure that my app cannot be used to circumvent Streamer Mode for legitimate streamers, to the best of my abilities.

This depends on input from Ubisoft and is a long way off.

All in All

I’m still really happy with how development is going! As promised in the introduction, it is my sincere hope that I will be able to bring you guys a weekly content update for the app for the forseeable future.

I had an optimistic conclusion last time, mentioning a new PC and new office, but none of that ended up happening. I’m paying for the office, but my country is in heavy lock-down since December so I never get to actually go there, I’m working from home instead.

For the new PC I’m still waiting on my GeForce RTX 3080 (I’ve been top of the waiting list for 98 days now...), so that’s not built either.

Despite all this I’ll just keep happily chugging along in my home office! Operation Crimson Heist will be a great time to play Siege I think!

Thanks for reading, and hit me up on the Discord if you have any questions, comments, or concerns!

Tweet at me @R6AnalystApp.

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