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The future of R6 Analyst

A development update.


It’s been a little over two months since I last wrote a bit about the future plans for R6 Analyst. I’m talking about this massive post on September 29th.

Lots of work happened since then! I’m really proud of the work I managed to do, under difficult circumstances. I hope you’ve been enjoying the steady stream of updates as well!

I decided now was a good time to write another one of these “development roadmap” updates, as I’ve finished most of the things I wrote about last time. 😊

As we enter the new season (Neon Dawn), and a new year (🖕 fuck you 2020), let’s look to the future and see what’s in store!

I always tend to write way too much, so here’s a quick guide to skip to the parts you’re interested in:

Table of Contents

  • Read Finished if you want a quick overview of what I promised last time and actually delivered on.
  • Read Did Not Finish if you want to shame me for the things I didn’t get around to yet but did mention I would work on.
  • Read What Else is Next if you want to read spoilers for some of the things I’m planning on working on in the next 3 months.
  • Skip to All-in-All if you’re too lazy to read.

🏁 Finished

Let’s first quickly run through everything that I said I’d do and actually completed in the past 69 (😎 nice…) days.

Known Issues ✅

There were six serious known issues when I posted the original article. Three of those were solved within days of the article coming out. Two more were fixed in the following week.

The last issue (Operator Use Statistics) is dependent on Ubisoft, whom have revoked access to their Operator Use data API. I have a solution in mind, which I hope to implement in the coming two weeks.

Three new issues presented themselves, but they are all lower priority, and also dependent on me getting help from the Overwolf development team. You can view those here.

Kill Feed Enhancement ✅

The Kill Feed Enhancement released practically simultaneously with the article, and was a huge success. I’ve heard from a lot of users that they basically installed the app specifically for this feature. There was also a lot of confusion in the community, as people assumed it was a new actual in-game feature. I apologize for the confusion, however, the changelog clearly mentioned it, so 🤷‍♂️. I’ll take it as a compliment to how well integrated it is into the in-game HUD.

Sus-meter ✅

Similar to the Kill Feed Enhancement, the Sus-meter launched within days of the article coming out. It has received several small tweaks and updates over the months, to improve on it. It is now I think an actually reasonable tool for quickly spotting players to take a closer look at. However, I will maintain what I’ve said from the start: The result of the Sus-meter is an indication. It’s not infallible and can show both false positives and false negatives.

Observer-mode support ✅

Oh boy, this was much more work than anticipated. In the article I was fairly confident I would be able to deliver full Spectator-mode support by October 5th. Eventually I got it working and released on October 23rd, so 18 days after my initial deadline. Just last week I improved on the Spectator-mode support by having it detect the mode automatically, and also the ability to track both teams’ operators (and Sixth-picks) if you’re the Spectator.

The Back-End ✅

Shortly after posting the article, I serious upgraded the back-end of the app. More, bigger, and better servers to run everything. This has had a very noticeable effect on the speed and responsiveness of the app, and has made it a lot more future-proof, which was much needed at the time, as I was growing with thousands of new users every day!

Trading Time-Window ✅

The ability to customize the time-window in which a trade is counted (for Custom Matches) was successfully implemented on October 23rd.

Silent-mode ✅

With the release of the new per-gamemode per-feature enable/disable system on November 13th, a silent-mode is now possible. For full silent running with auto-CSV export etc., the premium version of the app is best, as it doesn’t pop up the Analyst widget after each match.

Auto-export CSV ✅

Speaking of auto-exporting CSV’s, this was implemented as well on October 23rd!

6th-Pick Tracking ✅

This too was implemented on October 23rd. It was a big update! 😂 (Currently this info is only available in the CSV export.)

Customize your Experience ✅

Implemented on November 13th, as part of the new per-gamemode per-feature enable/disable system.

Desktop/Analysis Panel rework ✅

This was a lot of work, but also a lot of fun to work on! I’ve gotten some nice friendly feedback. Furthermore, the ad revenue in the app improved drastically, as people leave the window open for longer, with the ad running and thus providing me some reward for my work! 😄

Automatic Aspect Ratio and DPI detection ✅

This was implemented on November 13th, together with the Analysis Panel rework.

❌ Did Not Finish

CSV Export Improvements

This mostly meant “more stats”. Things like LAR and Time Alive. After implementing Spectator-mode I felt like switching focus a bit more to the “average” Casual and Ranked players. It is absolutely still on the list to implement, but I could really use some input as to what to track and how to track it, and how to present it or offer it in an exported format.

An R6 Comp Workshop

This was an idea I had, to get some more stats-/analytics-minded people together on a Discord to brainstorm what could be some good additions to the app for the Comp scene. Same as the previous paragraph, my attention has shifted a bit over the past month or so, but I’ll most assuredly will come back to this eventually! (Or if I’m asked about it incessantly enough 😂.)

More than 10 Matches Stored Locally

I’ve done some great work hidden in the back-end to make this happen really soon!

Automatic Map Tracking

Overwolf is still working on this, but from what I’ve heard it’s very nearly ready to be implemented!

Automatic Objective Site / Spawn Tracking

This is a long way off still, which is what I wrote last time as well. Sorry!

Second-Screen Experience

Oh boy, the second-screen window. It’s for sure the red headed step child of the R6 Analyst feature-set.🤦‍♂‍ I promise I will work on it soon, and I will make it absolutely amazing! It’s a bit more complicated of a feature to work on than most others, which is why I kind of left it by the wayside for so long. However, there is a lot of potential there, so I really should jump into it soon!

⏭️ What Else is Next?

So… Do I have anything new to share? Of course! I have a long list of potential features, updates, and improvements, in varying states of readiness. I want some of them to be a surprise, but here’s a couple I’m willing to share:

Bug-reporting tool

Right now, all bug reports come in through the Discord. I’ve learned this is a very inefficient way to handle with these issues. Most bugs end up being user error, and it’s taking me 30 minutes each time to find that out. Having an automated bug reporting tool can really help me speed this up. That allows me to spend more time working on new features. And it also allows users to easily share actual issues, which will improve the quality and stability of the overall app!

This is a high-priority short-term project.

Infinite Match History

Currently the Match History only stores the last 10 matches. I’m working on improving this to be infinite storage. I’m fairly well along with this, and hope to launch it in a few weeks tops!

This is a high-priority short-term project.

Operator-stats fix and improvements

The Operator-use stats have been limping along for a while now, as Ubisoft hobbled their own API and refuse access to their new API. Thankfully, I’ve devised a replacement dataset, so I’ll be implementing that ASAP to not only fix what is broken, but greatly improve the stats-tracking per Operator!

This is a high-priority short-term project.

Improved first-time user experience.

The downside of having iterative improvements to the app, is that any tutorials or first-time user experiences I write/make are quickly out-of-date again. 🤦‍♂‍ It’s time for another update on this front, and I hope to include a bit more “tooltips” and “hints” spread out throughout the app to help guide newer users to all the app has to offer!

This is a medium-priority medium-term project.

Smart Ban, Map Stats Editor, and Second Monitor Reworks

Just like the Desktop/Analyst panel rework, I’d like to revisit all the other windows in the app and give them a facelift. This will ensure all the app’s sections have the same look and feel, and will also allow me to implement the lessons I’ve learned over the past 8 months.

This is a medium-priority medium-term project.

Stitching Rehosted Custom Matches

This has been an oft-requested feature, and I agree it should be something the app can recognize and do automatically. I’m in the preliminary research phase, so not sure how feasible and/or difficult this is to pull off. But I have confidence.

This is a low-priority long-term project.

All in All

Things are moving along fine! For a one-man project I think the speed at which I’m developing is good 👍. I’ve been working from home, self-isolating since March (269 days and counting 😢), and that’s been a fucking drain on my mental health, to be honest. Motivation is down, and productivity is in the toilet.

However, my company recently moved to a new office, and it’s giving me the space to work at the office in a responsible manner. So, I expect to be able speed up my work on the app starting tomorrow! I’m building a brand-new PC to help with this. Right now, I’m just waiting for my GeForce RTX 3080 so… You know… I’ll get that in the next half year or so 😒…

Thanks for reading, and hit me up on the Discord if you have any questions, comments, or concerns!

Tweet at me @R6AnalystApp.

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