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1,000,000 Ranked Rounds

An R6 Analyst Infographic

Hey there! Thanks for checking out the infographic. This blog post provides a bit more detail and information about the stats in the infographic.

If you haven’t seen it, here it is:


R6 Analyst is an app for R6:Siege, available on the Overwolf platform. You can learn more about it here. When the app surpassed the cool milestone of 10,000 users, we started working on this infographic. In the intervening time, the user-count has actually risen to 289,209 users!


The data used for this infographic was collected from March until the end of Operation: Steel Wave. The vast majority of matches were collected in the past two months.

Here’s the distribution of MMR that the matches were played in. This mirrors the total distribution as published by Ubisoft quite nicely.

Tracked matches distribution by MMR.

The data was collected by about 12,000 users from 113 different countries.

Countries in which Ranked matches were tracked.

Not all rounds and matches were used for all statistics. We have data on Operator use for all rounds. Tracking the Map and Objective Site is an optional feature, and thus fewer rounds were used for those statistics. The smallest number of rounds used to calculate a statistic was 140,000 rounds.


In Operation: Steel Wave, all maps were played almost exactly an equal amount. It seems you really did get a completely random map assigned at the start of each match. It will be very interesting to see how the division of maps will change now, with the introduction of Map Banning!

This graph from the infographic shows the percentage of rounds where ATK/DEF won. It’s a measure of how defender-sided each map is.

Ranked maps and the Win% per side.

As you can see, all maps are defender-sided, but Theme Park and Outback are the most defender-favoured maps, with Coastline being the least defender-favoured map. The differences are very slim though, and generally, all maps are quite balanced.

Ranked maps and % of rounds in which a spawnpeeking death occurred.

As I wrote about before, Bank and Consulate are the most dangerous maps to spawn as an Attacker, and what MMR you play at does not seem to have any measurable effect on how often you get spawnpeeked.

Consulate’s Gas Station reigns supreme as the most dangerous location to spawn. Players died spawning there in 2.73% of rounds. The Police Line in Consulate is not much safer, coming in at number 4 of the top 5 most dangerous places to spawn:

# Spawnpoint Spawnkilled%
1 Consulate - Gas Station 2.73%
2 Kafe Dostoyevsky - River Docks 2.50%
3 Bank - Jewelry Front 2.33%
4 Consulate - Police Line 2.10%
5 Coastline - Pool Side 1.98%

Teacups on Theme Park looks to be the safest place to spawn in the game, with an attacker hitting the dirt there in just 0.41% of rounds.

Here’s an interactive sunburst-chart with every spawnpoint in Ranked, and how dangerous it is:

Click on map-name to zoom in.
Hover over Spawnpoint to see % rounds in which spawnkilled on average.
Click center to go back to start.


The infographic shows you the Top 5 most-picked and most-won Objective Sites. But that, of course, does not tell you the whole story. Here’s every Objective Site in Ranked, and how often it is played:

% of rounds per map where each Objective Site is selected.

As you can see, the least popular Objective Site by far is Bar/Stock on Club House; A miserly 0.7% of rounds on Club House are on that objective. Runner-up is Consulate’s split bomb-sites Archives/Teller’s at 1.1% of rounds.

Armory/Archives on Border is the most-played Objective Site in the game right now. 53% of rounds on Border are on that objective. Villa’s Aviator/Games and Kanal’s Server/Radar are not far behind at 50% pick-rate for both.

The Win-rate per Objective is a hard metric to analyse. Unpopular objective sites usually have quite a high win-rate. Not because they are easy to defend, but because, if you are forced to choose it, you’ve likely already won your other two DEF rounds, and are therefore likely just better than the other team, and thus already at an advantage to win the third DEF round as well.

Keep that in mind when looking at this graph of all the Objective Sites in Ranked, and their Win%, and don’t get too hung up on how high, for example, Bank’s Staff Room/Open Area site is.

% of rounds that Defence won on each Objective Site.


On average 27.5% of Ranked matches go to Overtime. What map you are on has no influence on the chance of reaching Overtime.

What MMR you play at does have an influence on your chances of going to Overtime. The higher your MMR, the more chance you’ll go to Overtime.

% of matches that went to Overtime per 100MMR increment.

You’re 20% more likely to go to Overtime in high Platinum compared to low Silver. I’m guessing this is because players that are more likely to start throwing or abandoning matches when they are 0-2 or 0-3 behind never reach the higher ranks.


Here’s the Pièce de Résistance of this project: Operator Presence per Rank!

The full graph is below, but here are some observations that I’d like to highlight:

  • Ace has made a major burst onto the scene, coming in as the most played Operator in Operation: Steel Wave at a pick-rate of 7.8% on average! That is absolutely huge, and I’m very curious to see how his pick-rate will evolve in the new season, when the novelty wears off, and with the introduction of the Hard-breaching secondary gadget.
  • The distribution of ATK Operators is much less balanced than that of DEF Operators, with 9 out of the top 10 picked Operators being Attackers. This means there is much more variety in the DEF Operators you come across than those on ATK. This is, of course, one of the main reasons put forth by Ubisoft for the introduction of the Hard-breaching secondary gadget.
  • Wamai is used 2.3x more often in Platinum ranks than in Silver ranks. Mozzie and Kaid are also much more popular in higher ranks compared to lower ranks, 1.6x and 1.4x respectively.
  • Caveira on the other hand, drops in popularity significantly as you rise in MMR. She’s found only 0.2x as often in a Platinum match as in a Silver match. Fuze, Finka and Kapkan suffer a similar fate, all found only 0.3x as often in Platinum compared to Silver.

% of rounds that each Operator was played by the average player, across the different Ranks.


Thanks for taking the time to read through this data! I hope you found it interesting and/or entertaining. Keep an eye out on the Twitter account, as I will be publishing my initial findings on how Map Banning is influencing the distribution of Maps played within a few weeks!

If you have any questions/comments on this article or the infographic, tweet @R6AnalystApp or comment on the Reddit post. I’ll try to reply to as many as I can!

If you have any specific ideas on other information to pull from the dataset that you think may be interesting for the wider audience, tweet them @R6AnalystApp!

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