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With R6 Analyst

A suite of utilities to improve and enhance your Siege experience.

Smart Bans

Automatically analyses the play history of the enemy team to provide you with the optimal banning strategy.

Enhanced Scoreboard

An integrated overlay on top of the in-game scoreboard (hold Tab) with live-tracked Pro League-level statistics!

Map Statistics

Track your performance by Map, find what strats to run, where you get spawnpeeked most, and what you still need to work on.

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A Better Experience

R6 UI Enhancement

Small and customizable improvements to the Siege User Interface.

Enhanced Scoreboard - Account Stats

A detailed look at everyone in the current match.

The Enhanced Scoreboard is an overlay that appears on top of the in-game scoreboard when you hold Tab.
It shows the all the players in the lobby, and a variety of statistics for their account:

  • Rank - Their current- and best Rank this current season, and the previous season.

  • Level - Their Ubisoft Clearance Level in-game.

  • Hours - Their total hours in-game in PvP online matches.

  • K/D - Their overall Ranked Kills-to-Deaths ratio.

  • Win % - Their seasonal Ranked Win % (the percentage of matches they've won).

  • HS % - Their overall online PvP Headshot % (the percentage of kills that were headshots).

  • Abandons - The number of matches they abandoned prematurely in Ranked in the current season.

  • Fav Ops - Their top three most-played Operators on ATK and DEF. This looks at recent play data if available, or overall data if not.

Get a unique insight into the skill of all players in the lobby.

Enhanced Scoreboard - Match Stats

More detailed scorekeeping for the current match.

The Enhanced Scoreboard is an overlay that appears on top of the in-game scoreboard when you hold Tab.
It shows the all the players in the lobby, and a variety of scorekeeping for each player:

  • Match Rating - All-encompassing Player Rating inspired by the Pro League player rating system.

  • Entry K-D - The number of opening kills and deaths for this player.

  • KOST - The percentage of rounds in which this player got a kill, planted/disabled, survived, and/or got traded.

  • Untraded Kills - The number of untraded kills for this player.

  • Traded Kills - The number of traded kills for this player.

  • Untraded Deaths - The number of untraded deaths for this player.

  • Traded Deaths - The number of traded deaths for this player.

  • Trade Differential - The difference between the number of untraded kills and untraded deaths.

  • Opening Picks - The number of untraded opening kills for this player.

  • Opening Picked - The number of untraded opening deaths for this player.

  • Opening Kills - The number of opening kills for this player.

  • Opening Deaths - The number of opening deaths for this player.

  • KPR - The number of kills divided by the number of rounds.

  • SRV - The percentage of rounds survived.

  • 1vX Clutches - The number of rounds where this player won singlehandedly against 2 or more opponents.

  • Planted Defuser - The number of rounds where this player planted the defuser as an attacker.

  • Disabled Defuser - The number of rounds where this player disabled the defuser as a defender.

  • Objective Plays - A combination of Planted Defuser and Disabled Defuser.

  • Multikill Rounds - The number of rounds where this player killed more than one opponent.

  • Teamkills - The number of teamkills this player performed.

Get detailed statistics of everyone's performance in the match.

Banned Operators Reminder

A reminder of what Operators are banned, integrated into the in-game scoreboard.

The Banned Operators Reminder is a small HUD element that appears in-game whenever you hold Tab. It shows the Operators that are banned in the current match.

A handy reminder whenever you forget which Operators are off the board.

Current Gamemode Reminder

A reminder of what gamemode you are playing, integrated into the Enhanced Scoreboard.

The Current Gamemode Reminder is a small HUD element that appears in-game whenever you hold Tab. It shows the gamemode that is currently being played.

A handy reminder when you forget whether this was Ranked or Unranked.

More to come...

We have some interesting additional features in the pipeline.

Join our Discord to see sneak-peeks of upcoming features, provide instant feedback on prototypes, and suggest additional features!

Disrupt the enemy's plans

R6 Smart Ban

Get real-time suggestions for the most optimal Operator bans, based on user data of your team versus that of the enemy.

Smart Bans

Bans that disrupt the enemy strategies, without disrupting yours.

R6 Analyst uses a custom-built algorithm that takes a holistic approach to finding the perfect bans for each match.

It takes into account the individual enemy's Operator preferences, both in terms of presence as well as win-rate. It can also use their relative MMR to weigh bans appropriately.

Furthermore, it keeps in mind your team's Operator preferences, to ensure you don't ban an Operator that your own team relies on too heavily.

All this combined, the app delivers easy to parse Recommended Smart Bans. It is then up to you to follow this advice, or use it in your own decision-making!

The Smart Bans widget will automatically pop up during the Banning Phase if R6 Smart Ban is enabled.

Target Bans

Specific bans that aim to cripple a single enemy's playstyle.

Find prime opportunities for completely crippling the strategies of one of your enemies, by target-banning their 'go-to' Operator.

Rather than banning operators that are a good ban on average, take it one step further and target a specific enemy player.

The app can recommend specific targeted bans that will have a huge impact on one enemy player in specific. It will tell you in detail why this operator is important to this player, on-the-fly.

The Target Bans are accessible from the Smart Bans widget, when R6 Smart Ban is enabled.

Default Ban Value

A graph showing the most-banned Operators this season, and which are played often by the enemy team.

Instantly recognize what Operator bans are likely to make an impact.

You can, for example, directly compare an Echo-ban with a Clash-ban, and see which would be more effective.

  • The higher the bar in the graph, the more this Operator is played by the enemy team.

  • The more to the left in the graph, the more this Operator is banned overall by all players this season.

Enemy Operator Mains

Instantly view the most-played Operators for every enemy player.

Learn who you're up against, by taking a look at the 'Enemy Operator Mains'-section of the R6 Smart Bans panel.

For example, see if someone on the enemy team is a Montagne-main.

Hover over Operator icons with your mouse, to get more detailed stats like K/D and Win% for this player on this Operator.

  • Presence is the percentage of rounds that the player plays this Operator on. On average, the presence of any random Operator should be around 4%. Anything over 20% is very high, indicating this player strongly favours the Operator.

  • Win-rate is the percentage of rounds that the player has won, when playing this Operator. For Attackers, this would be around 46% on average. For Defenders, around 54%. Anything significantly higher, means the player is particularly skilled with this Operator.

  • K/D is the Kills-to-Deaths ratio. A higher K/D means they are more lethal with this Operator. Any K/D above 1.2 would be a strong indicator that this Operator is a frag-heavy pick for this player.

Score Graph

A visual representation of every Operator and their value for both teams.

Instantly recognize what Operator line-ups will work, and which won't.

Make informed Banning decisions in seconds.

  • The higher up in the graph, the more value this Operator provides for YOUR team. Avoid banning Operators that are to the top-left of the graph.

  • The more to the right in the graph, the more value this Operator provides to the ENEMY team. Recommended bans are Operators in the bottom-right - highlighted - corner of the graph.

Atypical Operator Use

Recommendations based on observations of the enemies Operator use.

The system compares the enemies' Operator use against the average Operator use to highlight out-of-the-norm strats they may be running.

For example, this may highlight a large reliance on running Amaru.

The app then gives recommendations on how to counter these plays, and allows you to better prepare for their strategies.

Find and fix your faults

R6 Map Stats

Track your performance by Map, find what strats to run, and what you still need to work on.

Map Tracking

Minimally intrusive real-time tracking of your gameplay, to gather data.

R6 Analyst needs to know what Map you're playing on, and what site you are attacking/defending.

We are working on tracking this automatically, but in the meantime you'll need to fill it in manually.

We have made this process as quick and easy as possible, by means of small pop-quiz popups that ask something about the current state of the game.

By tracking this information, you will quickly build an extremely valuable dataset of your performance Map-by-Map, allowing for deep analysis and great improvements in your Siege gameplay.

Map Stats tracking will automatically pop up during non-Action phases of a Ranked match, if R6 Map Stats is enabled.

Performance Analysis

See what works, and what doesn't.

Our after-action report will combine all gameplay data collected for you, and present it in an easy-to-parse dashboard, for you to view.

Compare your performance from Map-to-Map, and see what Maps you need to work on.

A large variety of statistics can be viewed and analysed.

  • Map vs Map - Compare your performance on different Maps to see which you need to work on.

  • Map vs Average - Compare your performance against your average across all Maps and/or against the entire R6 Analyst community.

  • Orange vs Blue - See how often you started off on Defence (Orange) or Attack (Blue), and how big of an impact this has on your performance.

  • And much more... - Scroll down for more info.

Spawnpeek/Spawnkill Stats

How successful are you at spawnpeeking?

Do you spawnpeek a lot? How often does it work out for you? Should you do it more?

Learn once-and-for-all whether your spawnpeeking is worth it, on any particular Map.

  • Spawnkills track how often you successfully get a spawnkill. We count any kill in the first 18 seconds of the action-phase as a Spawnkill.

  • Spawnfails track how often you die whilst trying to get a spawnkill. The downside of spawnpeeking: It's extremely risky. Use data to determine whether it's worth it for you!

  • Getting Spawnkilled sucks, hard. Find out on what Maps, and via what spawnpoints, you get spawnpeeked the most. You can use this information to learn counters, or simply choose a safer spawnpoint.

  • Early Picks are an attacker's wet dream. A nice headshot on that dirty spawnpeeker. Learn on what Maps and spawnpoints you counter spawnpeekers the best.

Objective-specific Analysis

Learn what Sites you perform better on.

No longer rely on your gut-feeling when choosing between CCTV/Cash and Church/Arsenal. Now you can know with certainty what site you win on more.

Not only is your performance tracked per Site, but also which strats/Operators per Site work out best for you.

The more you play, the more detailed and valuable the information gathered becomes.

Find your next Main

R6 Operator Stats

Track your performance per Operator, improve in a data-driven manner.

Strat Tracking

Combined with R6 Map Stats, we can tell you what Operators work on what Objective Site, per Map.

Is that Wamai strat on 2F Consulate you started recently, better than holding White Stairs with Smoke? Now you can find out, without relying on gut-feeling.

In the end, it's all about winning. And it's hard to separate the K/D from the Win% when you run primarily trap Operators. R6 Operator Stats can tell you whether your Lesion pick is better than your Doc, despite getting less kills with him.

R6 Operator Stats tracks your performance based on historical data, but turn on R6 Map Stats for much more detailed data breakdowns.

Operator History

Keep track of how much you play each Operator, and how well you did.

We can keep a daily snap-shot of what Operators you played, your K/D, the Win%, anything you'd like to know.

Perfect to see trends over time, and measure the impact of various buffs and nerfs by Ubisoft.

Learns once-and-for-all if that latest Jäger nerf was really that bad.

Objective-specific Operator Performance

Find out which Operator you should pick for each Site.

No longer rely on your gut-feeling when choosing between Frost and Maestro on 2F Oregon. Now you can know with certainty what Operator works better for you on each Objective Site.

R6 Map Stats must be enabled to gather data for this feature.

The more you play, the more detailed and valuable the information gathered becomes.

Join 281,660 players using R6 Analyst!

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Frequently Asked Questions

R6 Analyst is an app that works as an overlay on top of your R6:Siege game. It shows you information you can use during your game. For example to help decide what Operators to ban during the Banning Phase. The information is gathered from Ubisoft's own public API.

R6 Analyst will not get you banned/suspended. It is part of the Overwolf platform, which has been officially confirmed by Ubisoft to be fine to use. More information about how Overwolf keeps users safe from bans can be found here.

Overwolf makes it possible to create legendary apps for gamers. They provide app developers the tech to bring their apps in-game, track game events in real-time, and make an honest living off their creations. As a gamer, when you use an app developed on the Overwolf platform you know you’re safe. They work closely with every app developer to make sure all apps meet their high quality standard, and comply with the terms defined by the game publisher.

You can read more about why we use Overwolf here.

You can read more about Overwolf and their commitment to gamers here.

No, it shouldn’t. Overwolf has spent years engineering the [email protected]# out of their platform to make sure it’s lag free. And we've made sure our app is as light-weight as possible, to minimize any impact it may have on your system's resources.

The app overlay only shows up during matchmaking (when first starting a match) so it's ready to provide information during the Banning Phase.

To view the app overlay at any other time in-game, you'd have to manually trigger it using a simple hotkey press (default [Ctrl+B], but can be whatever you want).

You can read more about why we use Overwolf here.

You can read more about Overwolf and their commitment to gamers here.

Nope, no login required! You're free to just install and check it out.

R6 Analyst started as a fun private side-project. We were annoyed by the Banning Phase in Siege, as we felt there was a lack of useful decision-making possibilities.

The idea of the app formed as we realized the publicly available Operator preferences information through Ubisoft's own API could be of great value to upgrade the decision-making in this Phase.

Over time, more and more features were added as we came up with them, to the overarching suite of products we have now.

Additionally, we earn a small amount of passive income from running unintrusive ads in the app.

We'd love to hear from you! Contact us through Discord or Twitter to get the fastest response.


R6 Analyst is available exclusively on the Overwolf platform. Visit the Overwolf website for more information about their great platform.

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R6 Analyst is not affiliated with - or in any way officially connected to - Ubisoft. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege as well as related names, marks, emblems and images are registered trademarks of Ubisoft.


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