An Overlay for R6:Siege

So I heard you like ANALYTICS

R6 Analyst has a variety of different features all aimed at helping you rank up higher in Siege.

With R6 Analyst you can

  • Get insightful tips on how to improve.
  • View the current real-time META and compare.
  • Track your performance over time.

The R6 Analyst app tracks how you play in real-time, and uses this data to give tips and advice on what to focus on improving. This way it acts as your own personal coach!

For example: The app may detect that you keep losing your Prep-Phase drone, much more often than normal. It can then gently remind you to keep this valuable utility safe for use later in the round, when you can actually act on the intel it provides!

Current App Users

Matches Tracked

Players Tracked

Defuser Plants Tracked

Always CHOOSE and BAN the right Operator

Grab valuable information before the match, whilst you're queueing, and during the banning phases!

Before every match you can

  • View the current META, helping you make the right choices.
  • Help you understand what maps/operators to ban.
  • And of course, showing you the best operators to choose.

The R6 Analyst app uses the data it has tracked to know what Maps and Operators you prefer, as well as that of your teammates and enemies. It then uses that information to generate recommendations for what Maps and Operators to ban!

For example: The app may detect that you keep losing to players using Osa on Skyscraper, and that neither you nor your teammates use her much at all. It can then recommend you ban Osa for this match, improving your chances of winning!


Very informative and feature rich enough to satisfy even the most demanding analysts.


This might be the single best overlay I've used for Siege and has 100% helped me win ranked games I otherwise might not have. This app features information on both map and operator bans, helping to put you on your best map or your opponents worst map. My favorite feature is the built in cheater reporting, where if you send a report in game, R6 Analyst will generate a report template which you can submit to Twitter or Siege's support website, which is very helpful for getting cheaters or abusive players banned quickly.


Great addon for siege that has alot more features than others I have used. Developer is super friendly and active. Would recommend to anyone looking for a good Siege overlay.


Great, intuitive analyst application! Shows tons of useful stuff and has helped me better understand the game. Developer is incredibly responsive to issues in the discord and is an all around great guy! <3


I love the advanced stats, and the Discord RPC. Very useful app.


The best designed of the Siege overlays, with unmatched customizability, effective surfacing of relevant info, and a unique ability to export match data in CSV or JSON format, which enables you to run your own analysis of data. But you'll probably find very little lacking with the apps built-in analysis options, which again are unmatched by other Siege overlays.


Always be one step ahead with the ENHANCED SCOREBOARD

View the Account Statistics for everyone in the lobby, and a live tracked overview of performance statistics.

The Enhanced Scoreboard will let you

  • View account stats of everyone in the lobby at the press of a button.
  • Quickly identify (potential) cheaters before the match even starts.
  • Keep track of Pro-League level statistics in real-time.

The Enhanced Scoreboard overlay shows you all the Account Stats you could want, including a reliable indicator showing the likelihood a player is a cheater! Additionally, it shows you Pro-League level performance metrics tracked during the match.

For example: Halfway through the match, you can quickly check the Enhanced Scoreboard to see that you are very low on Traded Kills. This can be a great indicator and reminder to stick close to a teammate when roaming, so you can be traded out when you die.

An in-depth summary after EVERY MATCH

Post Match, you can review what happened, and see personalized advice and tips on what aspects of gameplay to focus on for next time!

Constantly improve and climb the ranks

  • Review your game, what went well, what needs to improve.
  • Instant feedback on what aspects to focus on next.
  • Detailed summary, stored for later reference.

The R6 Analyst app will generate "Focusses", which highlight specific gameplay areas that your performance has been lacking in. Additionally, after every round, it will very swiftly pop up to give some compliments and feedback on how you're performing so far.

For example: The app might detect that you are never reinforcing, or that you are constantly using Red Pings. It will then gently remind you of how to do better in these areas, and critically, why it is important to do these things well.

Development Roadmap

The future of R6 Analyst

The Past


April 27th 2020

I originally built the app as a way of proving that my contributions to the team (as a Thermite main) were just as valuable as our Fraggers.

The original concept development took less than two months, and contained Operator Ban Recommendations, and a rudimentary Enhanced Scoreboard.

Iterative Improvements

v1.0 - v2.0

April 2020 - January 2021

Over the next year, weekly updates occurred.

A large portion of the features available in the app today, were conceived in this time.

  • Match History reports, including the option to export to .CSV or .JSON.
  • Custom Match tracking support.
  • Kill Feed Enhancements, showing Trades, Plants, and Quad-kills/Aces, etc.
  • Map Ban recommendations.
  • And so much more...

A Major Redesign


January 22nd 2021

The first major overhaul of the app's design.

Although the "backend" logic of the app was kept the same, the entire front-end UX/UI design of the app was improved with this version release.

Continued Development

v2.0 - v3.0

January 2021 - May 2023

Over the next two years, I kept on improving and regularly releasing updates to the app.

The update release schedule dropped to once per month, as opposed to once per week, but a large number of the more qualitative improvements occurred in this time.

  • Added the Discord Game Activity enhancement.
  • Improved all data tracking detections.
  • Post-Match Player Reporting tool to report Cheaters easily.
  • A whole host of additional statistics were made available to be tracked in real-time.
  • Added the ability to really dive deep into the tracked stats, splitting by individual Operator and/or Map.
  • Added Personal Performance Reporting, the precursor to real true personalized "coaching" tips.
  • And so much more...

The Future

v3.0 - New major release

May 22nd 2023

After half a year of hard work, a new major release was finally ready!

I built this new version entirely from scratch. Using all the lessons learned from the past three years, I rewrote every single line of code, and we redesigned every single app page to be pixel-perfect.

There were four main design objectives for this new version:

  • Much improved stability/reliability of stats-tracking.
  • Much more focus on "coaching"/advice rather than just providing data.
  • Easier to use for/more inclusive of less experienced players.
  • Drastic improvement of UI/UX system design.

v3.0.0 - v3.0.4

May 2023 - July 2023

Iterative Improvements

  • Added Spectator Mode support.
  • Added Enhanced Scoreboard customization options.
  • Added Personal and META Weapon Stats pages.
  • Added Operator (Beginner) Guides.
  • Improved Post-Round Coaching Advice.
  • Major improvements to Defuser Plant/Disable tracking.
  • A lot of QoL improvements.

v3.0.4 - v3.1.0

August 2023 - December 2023

Continued development

  • More optional Enhanced Scoreboard stats were released.
  • Much improved loading times in the app.
  • A bunch of bug-fixes and QoL improvements.
  • The Premium plan received a complete overhaul, adding option for varying plans, and yearly payments.
  • Added a multitude of new Premium features, including new Account Stats, username effects, and custom webhook/data requests support.

Short- and Medium-Term Goals


The following features are already in development, and will release in the upcoming months:

  • Post-Match and Overall Performance Reports.
  • Large improvements to the Operator Pick Suggestions.
  • Custom Match rehost support.
  • Cheater reporting and tracking, making both the issue of cheaters and the response of Ubisoft's sanctions more transparent for the whole community.

In addition, now with both R6Tab and R6DB down permanently, I'm looking to get R6 Analyst up-and-running as an alternative public R6 Profile Stats web presence by end-of-year 2024. Meaning you can visit the website and view account stats on any Siege user, though I'll mainly focus on PC players only, as that is for whom my app tracks data.

Long-Term Goals

2025 and beyond

I want R6 Analyst to become the go-to app if you want to improve and become a better Siege player.

My hope is that with continued development (and your valuable feedback!) I can build a system that helps any player, from any skill level, to keep striving and get better at the game!